9 Fun Date Ideas to Help You and Your Date Connect

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Ultimately, dating is fun. It is a great opportunity for you to connect with someone new or reconnect with your long-term partner. Whichever category you find yourself in, if the thought of going on another dinner date makes you yawn, here are some fun date ideas to help you do something a bit different.

it’s no secret that online daters consider having ‘common interests’ to be the most important factor in a partnership. It might be a good idea then, for you and your date to establish your similar interests early on and plan some fun date ideas accordingly. Whether you and your date are culture lovers, fans of the great outdoors or foodies, EliteSingles has compiled a list of fun date ideas to help the two of you connect.

Fun date ideas for culture lovers

For those Australian singles with a craving for culture on a date, you’re spoilt for choice. With many stunning art galleries, striking museums and spectacular theaters (including the most famous modern performing arts center in the world!). Getting in touch with your creative side can be an extremely romantic experience for the two of you and is nice to maintain throughout the entirety of your relationship.

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Listen to some live jazz

There’s something exquisitely charming about an evening of jazz and what better setting to draw you closer to your date than smoothly enticing music. A backdrop of romance and classic cocktails, this date is sure to have your hearts racing.

Take a dance class

More adventurous couples should embark on a dance class together – it is a great chance for you to try something different and learn the intimate seduction of dance. The epitome of romance, the closeness of a dance class is sure to be a memorable experience.

Go to an outdoor movie/ drive in

There’s something fantastically American about going to a movie, be it an open-air theatre erected for the summertime or a classic teen movie-esque drive in. Unlike many other date ideas, an outdoor movie exudes effortless charm, creating a relaxed and unforced atmosphere for you and your date to get to know one another.

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Embracing the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors is often romanticized in poetry and prose and there is a reason behind all of it –nature’s unspoiled splendor brings people closer together. If you and your date have a mutual love for the great outdoors, try one of the fun date ideas from the list below to get you bonding over beauty.

Go to the beach

Surrounded by some of the most striking beaches in the world, why not take a little road trip to visit one of them. Better still, get there in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset. Surrounded by nature, a walk along the beach is a great way for the two of you to open up, it may be an ideal time for you to discover about each other’s family and past.

Take a boat ride

For those who can, hiring a sailing boat and hitting the ocean on a sunny afternoon is a great date idea. The secluded nature of being out on the water has a certain sentimental charm. The intimate isolation and fresh sea air provides an idyllic backdrop for deepening the conversation between the two of you. For city dwellers, how about embarking on a kayaking adventure or even trying paddleboarding by a harbor? These fun date ideas are not too difficult and are a good way to spend a few hours getting closer to your date.

Take a hike

A beautiful setting is a great way to enhance the enjoyment of a situation, particularly a date. Being close to nature and breathing in the fresh air of a mountain hike enables a separation from the stresses of reality, allowing space for romance to blossom. It may not sound like one of your typical fun date ideas but actually taking a hike makes a refreshing change from a drink at a bar.

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An interesting spin on the classic food and drinks

Lovely as a classic date of a three-course meal can be, it has a tendency to become tiresome and feel a little forced. But for those food and wine lovers who like enjoying the finer things with a date, why not instead try one of the fun date ideas listed below, which have a more original take on the classic dinner date.

Go to a wine tasting

Amidst the rich nature of a vineyard, visiting a winery for a tasting can be the ultimate romantic date idea. It is a nice activity for you to learn more about wine and about each other. Of course, visiting a winery is nice if you want to make a day of it, but a couple of hours spent wine tasting in the city can also be a charming, refined way to connect.

Take a cookery class

Take advantage of the power of a shared experience by embarking on a cookery class together. Not only is it a great way for foodies to learn to cook something different and delicious, but it is also ideal for pairs to get a bit closer – enjoying a new experience together is a good way to connect.

Have a picnic in the park

Of course, this is weather permitting but there is something wonderfully simplistic, yet subtly romantic about spending time in a park. An elegant picnic with all your favorite treats on a summer’s afternoon is a great way for the two of you to reveal some more personal details about yourselves. Similarly, buying an ice cream and going for a leisurely stroll around your local bit of greenery is also a nice, relaxed way for the two of you to connect.

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Common interests with your partner are what will bind you together as you grow old. According to Psychology Today, couples who spend their first date talking through the night are more likely to stay together in the long run. Although perhaps initially opposites attract, those seeking long-term commitment will find it with someone who shares their interests and passions.

Once you’ve found someone who gets your heart racing, embarking on some more interesting dates, particularly activities that neither of you has tried before, will serve to enhance your closeness and undoubtedly provide you with amusing memories. The fun date ideas listed above are a good starting point but you and your partner should indulge your creativity and continue finding more exciting experiences you can share together.

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