How to prepare for a date – start with your home!

prepare for a date

If you’ve registered on EliteSingles and your dating life is looking up, it’s time to start preparing for a new stage of life. Start by making your house a home.

The saying goes that ‘home is where the heart is’ – and it seems it’s true; in a survey of 1500 EliteSingles members almost 1 in 3 said they could be attracted to someone based on their living quarters! Yet it’s not as superficial as it sounds. After all, the way someone decides to decorate their home tends to reflect their personality, personal pride and taste, so it’s no wonder that an attractive home creates a halo effect, casting the homemaker in a positive light.

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How to prepare for a date

Creating a warm, welcoming space doesn’t necessarily take a lot of time or money. It’s all about creating a clean and tidy space with a bit of character.

Household heroes: the 10 most attractive household features

Thirty-two percent of singles said it was possible to be attracted to a partner based on their living space, and the following items were thought to be most alluring:

1. Well-equipped kitchen
2. Family pictures
3. Artworks
4. Well-stocked bookshelves
5. Pets
6. Travel paraphernalia
7. Musical instruments
8. Designer furniture
9. Vintage furniture
10. Hand-made items

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Household horrors: the ultimate turn-offs

On the other end of the scale, 51% of survey respondents said they would be prepared to walk away from a potential partnership if their living space wasn’t up to scratch.

According to the survey men voted motivational notes as the biggest household horror (25% of votes), followed by stuffed animals (23%) and too many cosmetics (13%). Floral patterns and kitsch, girly decorations were also listed as offending household features. Women pointed to a different set of no-go items; an empty-looking apartment received 63% of the votes, followed by the presence of a video game console (9%) and ugly colours (8%). The survey also revealed that men wanting to prepare for a date ought to avoid having bare walls and empty fridges.

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What’s your style?

Knowing how to prepare for a date is all about self-reflection and attracting a compatible partner.

The most popular style was ‘glamour’ (characterised by metallic accents, rich textures and a deep colour palate), with 25 per cent of the votes. Go for this look if you see yourself as “fashionable” or “cultured” – and expect to attract singles who like to live the high life.

At the other end of the aesthetic spectrum, but equally as popular, ‘country’ style also came in with 25% of the votes. This look is characterized by natural fabrics, thick stripes and French blues, and is perfect if you’re a nature lover or want to project yourself as being family oriented.

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Feel at home

Regardless of what’s in vogue, when it comes to interior design it’s important that you style your home in a way that reflects your personality and preferred personal aesthetic. Ultimately, if you feel comfortable in your space, your date will too.

If you haven’t yet found a special someone to share your home with, register with EliteSingles today. You never know who’s just around the corner.


Survey of 1500 EliteSingles members from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Canada.

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