Showing Affection: 8 Romantic Ways to Show Your Partner You Care

couple still showing affection after years of marriage

Everyone loves the start of relationships – the so called ‘honeymoon phase’ where new couples can’t keep their hands off each other and the chemistry is electric. But inevitably over time this passion can begin to disintegrate, leaving couples lacking affection.

In order to keep the passion strong and show your partner that you care about them, it’s important you find ways of showing affection in your everyday lives. We’ve come up with a list of 8 ways to help you show affection through actions, words and gestures to keep your relationship fire burning bright.

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    Showing Affection Though Actions: In Public

    We’re not suggesting that you need to exhibit teenage public displays of affection but holding your partner’s hand in public or kissing them as you greet them, will go a long way. When you spend a lot of time with someone  particularly when you live together  it’s easy to forget these simple actions which really show someone you care. Bear it in mind next time you’re out in public together  being tactile will make your other half feel special.

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    Showing Affection Through Actions: Cuddling

    Recent research shows that cuddling is a crucial part of relationship satisfaction. Again, after years together it’s easy for couples to forget the significance of this simple act. It’s not just important in the bedroom, but also when you’re sat on the sofa together or having a lazy Sunday morning. Cuddling instantly makes you feel close and releases the hormone oxytocin which makes you feel good and actually boosts your immune system. It’s a great way of being affectionate with your partner.

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    Showing Affection Through Actions: Massage

    By the same logic, massages are a fantastic way of maintaining intimacy in relationships. If your spouse has had a long day, what better way of showing affection than treating them to a nice massage? The physical closeness enhances your connection and they’ll be absolutely delighted with the gesture. Nothing says romance like a relaxing massage. Go all out and add some candles and soothing accompanying music to really set the scene.

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    Showing Affection Through Actions: Compliments

    It’s the oldest trick in the book but flattery really does go a long way. After years together, it can be easy to take your partner for granted but pay attention to what they’re wearing or whether they’ve changed their appearance somehow. Compliments are a great way of showing someone you think they’re special. There’s no need to go overboard on the praise but if you notice something different they’ve done or you think they look particularly nice one day, be sure to tell them  they’ll be thrilled.

  • i love you on sand

    Showing Affection Through Actions: Saying “I Love You”

    These three simple words can often be forgotten in long term relationships. While your partner knows you love them, saying it now and then is meaningful to the other person. Finding someone you love is rare and special and it’s nice to remind yourselves sometimes of how lucky you are to have found it.

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    Showing Affection Through Actions: Ask Questions

    One of the best ways of showing affection in a long term relationship is asking your partner questions about their life outside of your home. It’s common for some couples to be like ‘ships passing in the night’ but it’s important to maintain interest in each other’s work and friends so that you don’t drift apart. Pay attention to what your partner mentions at dinner and be sure to bring it up again a few days later. They’ll appreciate your interest and effort.

  • woman holding wrapped gift

    Showing Affection Through Actions: Surprising Them

    Small gestures can go a very long way in relationships. Showing affection by presenting your other half with their favorite things unexpectedly will be greatly appreciated. Stop by your local patisserie after work and bring them back a delicious treat or surprise them with their favorite bottle of Merlot. They don’t need to be expensive gifts but rather thoughtful gestures to show that you care.


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    Showing Affection Through Actions: Quality Time

    When you’re living together it’s easy to take for granted spending time with your partner. Of course there is a certain expectation that you’ll see each other at home so you don’t need to make the effort to organize spending time together, but actually it’s this mentality that often causes couples to grow apart. It’s really important that you organize quality time together; a good way to do this is through fun activities like taking a class or going to a wine tasting event. Essentially, you’re arranging dates with your partner to keep the relationship alive and interesting.

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