Deeply and madly: 10 signs it’s true love

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True love comes in all shapes and sizes. That said there are some key characteristics that come with sharing a deep connection with someone. To help you better understand the love in your life we’ve put together a list of 10 crucial components, explaining each in detail so you can ascertain whether they apply.

True love is… kind & understanding

Let’s get started with two crucial and interlinked characteristics of true love. Kindness is something you need to be aware of and actively work on. This isn’t saying you have to be fake or dishonest; it means taking time to understand your partner and how you can accommodate their needs, and sync them with yours. What’s more, doing this shouldn’t feel arduous or like a chore, it comes naturally when you’re truly in love with someone. Ultimately it’s the antithesis to contempt and being whimsical with your loved one’s emotions.

… laughing

Humour and true love go together like Laurel & Hardy. If you can’t laugh at one another, or indeed yourself, then it becomes hard to establish a connection that’s positive. For starters it’s a scientific fact that laughter inhibits hormones that in excess can be detrimental to your wellbeing; having a good guffaw reduces the secretion of cortisol and adrenaline, two neurotransmitters directly linked to stress. Psychologically, and as a couple, it enables you to step back from situations and not take things too seriously, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters.

… being selfless

There’s no “I” in true love. Without being too cliché, it’s fair to say that feeling profoundly connected with someone means that your ego steps off centre stage to a certain extent. Becoming whole is much more than a shared bank account or a mortgage, it means being able to approach things united, rather than atomistically. This shouldn’t mean that you completely neglect your emotions and needs for the benefit of your relationship; if that’s the case then it’s likely something is unbalanced.

… support

Continuing with the infamous twosome comparisons, true love equals having each other’s backs covered a la Bonnie and Clyde, metaphorically speaking that is. Through thick and thin you’re there for your beloved, and you know that they share the same resolve. Support doesn’t have to be synonymous with hard times. Indeed, encouraging your partner to pursue their dreams, helping them get there and celebrating their success are all part and parcel too (and vice versa!). The strength this togetherness instils is a source of great empowerment and will make the two of you realise great things.

… being honest & trusting

Building trust in a relationship stems from being honest. Sharing your inner thoughts with your partner, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative, is characteristic of true love. Bearing all and not holding back, regardless of the consequences, is a courageous act. Not only does it demonstrate that you trust your partner enough to be completely candid with your emotions, it shows that you’re not concealing anything from them either. It’s no understatement to claim that the symbiosis that exists between honesty and trust forms the very bedrock of an enduring and healthy relationship.

… forgiveness

We all make mistakes. Though this may seem like the flakiest of flaky aphorisms, it’s often accurate. Obviously some misdemeanours are more serious than other and as such need to be accorded an appropriate response (think unfaithfulness or emotional abuse here). However, it’s essential to be able to forgive your partner when they’ve made an honest error. Bearing a grudge is toxic for a relationship and can be a major source of conflict, something that’ll only end up sending your blood pressure through the roof. Letting go and moving forward together are intrinsic when it comes to true love.

… certainty

In many ways this point is closely linked to honesty and trust, as well as support. Whereas nascent relationships are typified by uncontrollable butterflies and an overwhelming urge to spend every waking minute together building something amazing, established love rests on the fruits of that frenetic period. You know, with complete certainty, that you share common goals with your partner and you’ll help each other achieve them. It’s stable, some may say solid as a rock, and you can rely on the knowledge you’re both in it for the long haul. Though this should never be taken for granted!

… compatibility

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but this is a commonly overlooked true love trait. In order for a genuine romantic connection to thrive, there needs to be a high degree of synergy in the first place. It’s very hard to put your finger on, but without sounding too vague you kind of just ‘get’ each other. There’s a distinct absence of friction and everything seems harmonised. This state is apparent in almost every aspect of your bond, from finding each other funny to making more weighty decisions as a pair.

… intimate

This point naturally follows on from the previous paragraph. Indeed, having a healthy and compatible sex life plays an important role in any relationship founded on true love. Of course, what you construe as healthy is entirely your joint decision, just as long as both parties are content and satisfied! In short, being intimate is a physical affirmation of the unique bond you share. There’s nothing shallow about being wildly attracted to the person you love, and enjoying the perks of that magnetism is something to be embraced and celebrated!

… unconditional

Above all, true love is unconditional. This is the hallmark of a deep connection and it’s something that works both retrospectively and prospectively. What does that involve? Basically, it means you’re able to acknowledge that your partner had a life before you met, and that you’re able to adapt to the challenges the future inevitably holds. Accepting your partner for the person they are is central here. So is not wanting them to become something they’re not or can never be. Nothing can shatter the integrity of the love you have for your other half.

If you’re content in the knowledge that you share true love with someone, congratulations and long may it prosper! If you’re still looking for that special someone, why not register with EliteSingles today and get one step closer to finding the love of your life.

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