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Searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him can be a bit of rigmarole. But if you’re feeling the pressure, don’t start stressing! EliteSingles’ has a stock of handy tips when it comes to buying Valentine’s presents for your man. Check out our top 10 ideas for a bit of inspiration.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him; where to start!

Coming up with a thoughtful and original Valentine’s gift is often harder than you expect. Because we’re fully aware of this challenge, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you decide on something perfect for the man in your life. We hope there’s something for every kind of gent to enjoy!

Get gigging

The perfect pressie if your fella is an outright lover of music. Is he always whistling a tune or crooning in the shower? Best thing to do is to have a rummage through his record collection and talk to him about his taste in tunes. Get yourself onto Songkick to see if your man’s favourite act is coming to a town near you! Word of warning; be careful not to buy tickets to something he’s expressed no interest in.

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Go go gadget

Bring out your man’s boyishness and get him a cool gadget. Of course, “gadget” is a pretty wide-ranging term, meaning you have a little think about his interests. Perhaps he’s got a hobby? Maybe he’s into cycling? If so, get him something for his bike. Maybe he’s into photography? Then why not find him a vintage camera? The possibilities are endless here so it helps if you know a bit about his extra-curicular activities!

Something personalised

This might seem a little bit old-fashioned, but there’s definitely something sweet about giving a man a personalised gift. It’s easy to get this wrong and get something made that’s tacky, so make sure you’re thinking classy. Examples of things that work well include getting a loving message engraved on the back of a watch or finding some smart cufflinks and adding his initials to them. The jury remains out on embroidered handkerchiefs though!

What’s cooking!

Definitely consider this suggestion if your boyfriend or spouse has a penchant for the culinary arts. Does he spend a lot of his spare time tinkering in the kitchen? Perhaps he always jumps at the chance to get behind the range at the slightest opportunity? If all this sounds familiar, bag him a spot on a cooking course where he can glean a few tricks from a professional chef. Also, it’s a bit of win-win situation; he gets to pursue a passion and you get to sample the fruits of his work!

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Glorious baker boy

Does your man always seem to have the ‘knead’ to do things with a hands on approach? Much like a cookery course, a lesson on how to bake beautiful bread is a present that will last a lifetime! Crafting a delicious artisanal loaf isn’t just the preserve of the pros – it’s something that can be done in any kitchen (providing you’ve got an oven!). What’s more, being able to serve up some homemade bread will dazzle any dinner party! Brasserie Bread offers courses in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Bespoke barbering

This is a top tip if your partner is partial to a bit of pampering. Few things compete with the sheer relaxation that comes with a proper cut and shave, especially if it’s done in the comfort of a traditional barber shop. If you think he might enjoy a spa experience too, take a look at Mankind. With locations in Sydney and Melbourne, the folks behind this popular retreat are experts when it comes to bona-fide male grooming.

Track day

Petrol heads and car fanatics will immediately perk up at this Valentine’s gift. If your other half has a ‘need for speed’ then treating him to a track day should easily take pole position. There are plenty of circuits nationwide, most of which offer the opportunity to get behind the wheel and be a race driver for the day. Tracks such as the Sydney Motor Sport Park offer a variety of packages, including the opportunity to commandeer a Ferrari!

Sky’s the limit

Yes, this suggestion could be labelled as being tad outlandish, but it’s definitely something your partner will never forget. Regardless of whether your other half is a budding aviation enthusiast, a flying lesson is the ideal gift for a man who’s a thrill-seeker at heart. With dozens of flying schools dotted around the country there’s no shortage of opportunities to get this idea off the ground!

A boozy surprise

If your fella likes an occasional drink, why not think about getting him something quaffable! A common shout here would be to buy him a bottle of his favourite tipple. You could go the whole hog and give him an experience he’ll cherish forever. If your man is into good malts you can’t go wrong with a whisky tasting experience. If he’s a beer lover then why not see if there’s a brewery tour nearby – what could be better than paring a bit of science with a few brews thrown in.

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Weekend escape

Popping off for a weekend getaway is a bit of an obvious Valentine’s gift for him. Nevertheless, it’s one that oozes romances as well as surprise. It’s also a great chance to spend some quality time with your beloved, something that comes at a premium if you both have busy schedules. If you’re not sure where to go have a look at our recommendations for trips outside Sydney and Melbourne. We’ve also got some ideas for luxury escapes in NSW.

Put pen to paper

There’s a lot of truth behind the saying “the best things in life are free”. Ignoring the trite pop song references for a minute, one of the most romantic Valentine’s gifts for him is as simple as a handwritten note. If you’re not convinced, EliteSingles’ research team found that 57% of Aussies think love letters are the best Valentine’s Day presents (compared to 29% who prefer going to a restaurant!). So, what are you waiting for, get drafting!

Hopefully there’s something in here you think fits the bill. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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