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Not often regarded as being the steamiest bunch around, the standard image of an IT professional isn’t really coterminous with sexiness. However, EliteSingles’ most recent study reveals that the computer savvy actually think they’re sexier than the norm. Who said RAM couldn’t be raunchy!

The investigation examined data pooled from 87,000 Australian’s registered with the dating site The study was able to identify which jobs are taken by the most fanciable singles by analysing the correlation between users’ ‘sexiness’ (ranked on a self assessment scale from 1-7) and their occupation.

After trawling through over 1000 different jobs it was possible to draw up a top 10 list of the sexiest Aussie jobs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in pole position is a vocation synonymous with sex appeal (and egocentricity!). Here’s the leader board:

1. Model
2. Interior Decorator
3. Entrepreneur
4. Real Estate Agent
5. Personal Trainer
6. Interior Designer
7. Coach
8. Business Executive
9. Marketing Professional
10. Sales & Accounts Manager

It’s no revelation to see personal trainers and coaches at the peak of their games. Yet the allure of an Adonis isn’t something you’d associate with a real estate agent! Nevertheless, the most striking anomaly our research team turned up centres on the IT crowd’s self-assured sexiness.

Pasty, bespectacled and geeky; popular stereotypes and countless TV series haven’t exactly done IT guys and girls any favours when it comes to sex appeal. But it seems IT professionals themselves beg to differ; singles with jobs such as IT specialists, IT analysts and IT managers not only ranked themselves sexier than average, but they also placed ahead of traditionally ‘hotter’ occupations, including secretaries, physiotherapists, pilots, chefs and nurses.

And that’s not all – they scored well above average on intelligence parameters, suggesting people on the lookout for a brainy buddy should stop neglecting the IT department! On the flip side, IT workers ranked under par on their ability to stay faithful, their desire to start a family and their ability to make other’s laugh – which is fine for a fling, but don’t expect a long-term and laughter-filled relationship. It’s time to refresh the nerdy clichés and say hello to the sexy techie!

*Sourced from anonymous data

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