Where do Australia’s funniest singles reside?

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Let’s face it, when it comes to the humour department, some folks are better endowed than others. However, can hilarity be judged on a geographic scale? In short, yes it can. And in EliteSingles most recent study, Sydney came out on top of the pack as Australia’s funniest city!

The investigation in question examined anonymous data pooled from 66,481 Australians registered with the dating site www.elitesingles.com.au to see how strongly they agreed with the statement ‘I can often make others laugh’. These scores were then averaged out by area to determine Australia’s most hilarious hub.

After a thorough trawl through the results it turns out that single Sydneysiders get the last laugh. That’s right, New South Wales’ coastal capital is the place to be if it’s comedic courtship you’re after – or at least a date with a person who’s confident in their ability to make others chuckle!

Nevertheless, whilst Sydney might be hooting the loudest, there are still plenty of other cities with residents who’re more than inclined to crack the occasional joke. From the same dataset the research team at EliteSingles was able to compile a list of Australia’s ten funniest locales:

1. Sydney
2. Melbourne
3. Gold Coast
4. Perth
5. Newcastle
6. Coffs Harbour
7. Redland City
8. Sunshine Coast
9. Brisbane
10. Freemantle

Going one step further, EliteSingles also looked at the same statistics when broken down by gender. Pitting sex against sex, the findings suggest that Aussie men generally think they’re more amusing than their female counterparts (men in 7 out of 10 cities ranked higher on the banter-barometer).

However, it could simply be a matter of quality over quantity; on average, women were funnier than men in Sydney, Gold Coast and Newcastle – all three of which fell within the country’s top 5 most droll municipalities.

And why does this all matter? EliteSingles psychologist Salama Marine thinks that we are fascinated by funny singles because humour can bring us closer to one another: ‘’Laughing together is probably the best sign of a healthy relationship for a couple. Humour and self-mockery definitely help to forge happy memories and the ability to make each other giggle with just a glance creates a strong friendship between two people.’’

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