Top date ideas: Sydney

So someone’s caught your eye on EliteSingles – but is it superficial attraction or real, heart-thumping chemistry? The only way to find out is to go out and meet them.

Should I ask him out?

Is making the first move sexy or is it social suicide?

Do political differences spell the end for love?

Are love and politics unwise bed fellows? Our opinion poll will surprise you...

The 5 habits of a happy couple

Happy couples actively work at keeping their relationship alive. Read on to discover the 5 ways they make it happen...

How to encourage emotional intimacy in your relationship

Emotional intimacy is often touted as the essential tool to building a happy, healthy, committed partnership. But what is it exactly? And how can you encourage it in your relationships?

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Top dates ideas: Melbourne

Stumped where to go for a date in Melbourne? We've collected the best of Melbourne date ideas in the one place!

Online dating tips for women: 5 steps to success!

Online dating tips for Australian women looking for love: 5 ideas for a better time online.

35 fun things to do in Sydney, by ferry!

Climb aboard and check out some of Sydney's best date ideas beside the waters of Port Jackson!