10 top Valentine’s day gifts for her

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If the phrase “Valentine’s Day gifts for her” summons a sinking feeling of panic, read this article! February 14 should be a celebration of the love you have for your partner, not a source of woe. Make use of our top 10 tips for a bit of heartfelt guidance when it comes to clever gift giving!

Getting Valentine’s Day perfect for her

It goes without saying that the focal point of Valentine’s Day should be the love you share with your partner. It’s true that romance trancends sheer materialism, yet it’s still a nice gesture to give the woman in your life a gift that shows you’re thinking of her. We’ve tried to compile a little list of ideas and presnets that have a bit more pizzazz than the customary box of chocolates!

Spa trip

There’s nothing quite as opulent as checking into a spa for a day or two. It’s also a very romantic thing to do as a couple. Pulling the plug and getting pampered can be blissful, especially if you both have hectic lifestyles. Staying at resort also affords you some quiet time to catch up and reconnect as well. You can also recreate that spa experience in the comfort of your own home with a selection of lotions and creams – Aesop do a great range of superb smellies! Draw that rose petal bath pronto!

Yoga Retreat

This is a sure-fire winner of a Valentine’s gift if you’re looking for something Zen. Obviously, this is only a good idea if your partner actually enjoys yoga, so only pick it if you’re certain she’s a fan. Beneficial for mind, body and soul, Yoga can be a great partner pursuit too. Not only does light physical activity benefit your health, it also releases feel-good endorphins that improve your mood and psychological wellbeing. Spot on if you and your lady need a pit stop from the hustle of day-to-day living.

High Culture

If the lady in your life is partial to a bit of culture, this may well be the perfect tip! Granted, it can be tricky deciding on the best event. Does she prefer Baroque to Classical? Or is opera more her kind of thing than a symphony? The key here is to do you research. Read up on the reviews and when it comes to booking it, don’t hold ‘Bach’! The same goes for the theatre too, another great Valentine’s Day activity. Be savvy and pick a play that’s got some romance to it (i.e. not Hamlet!).

Perfume & Makeup

It’s worth paying attention here as this is a suggestion that can backfire pretty quickly if you’re not careful. Brazenly waltzing into a department store’s cosmetic section with no prior knowledge of your partner’s taste is a recipe for disaster. Spare yourself the hassle and take a quick peek into her makeup bag for inspiration. The same goes for perfume, don’t buy her a scent that she hasn’t used or mentioned before as it will likely be relegated to the back of the bathroom cabinet!

A weekend getaway

Booking an impromptu getaway is a top Valentine’s gift idea, largely due to the fact that romance and spontaneity go hand in hand! When it comes to the mini-break, there are so many possibilities it can be quite mind-boggling to decide on a destination. Fortunately, Australia is a country blessed with both bustling cities and unrivalled natural beauty. Whether you’re other half is an avid city-hopper or prefers a beachside chillout, you’re spoilt for choice!

Romantic meal

Going out for a bite to eat is a textbook Valentines date idea. Whether you’ve been together for years or are just getting to know each other, sharing a meal . If you want to avoid the inevitable crowds, find out what her favourite dish is and prepare romantic dinner at home! One of the major pitfalls (and easiest to avoid!) can be forgetting to book a far enough in advance, it definitely helps to be proactive and do this sooner rather than later. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favourite romantic restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney.

Scenic picnicking

Here’s another food-orientated Valentine’s suggestion that’s packed with passion. In some ways more thoughtful than restaurant going, planning a picnic is a great way to woo your sweetheart. Find a prime spot (it doesn’t have to be all breathtaking views, a nice park is fine) and pack a basket with lots of lovely treats (go all out and bake a cake if you’re feeling inspired!). All you have to do next is aim the bottle of bubbly in a safe direction and pop that cork!

Chocolate making course

It’s a lesser known fact that the Latin name given to the cocoa tree, Theobroma Cacao, literally translates into ‘food of the gods’. It’s probably fair to say that most chocolate lovers wouldn’t quibble with this divine definition. If your partner is a chocoholic, why not release her inner chocolatier and book a spot for the two of you on a chocolate making course?

Bespoke hamper

Who said hampers were solely reserved for yuletide gifting? Filling up a romantic hamper is a great way to get inventive with your Valentine’s Day gift for her. It’s also a good opportunity to get a handful of thoughtful smaller presents, something that takes the pressure off choosing something bigger. If you’re not sure what to include it can be useful thinking of a very loose theme and basing your gifts around that (thinking about her hobbies is a good place to start!).

Wield your pen!

Last but not least, why not release your inner wordsmith and craft a love letter for your one and only. As far as Valentine’s Day gifts for her go, few are more thoughtful and romantic than a handwritten note. Before you write off this idea as a cheesy relic of clumsy teenage romances, it’s worth noting that the likes of Henry VIII, Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway have all put pen to paper to declare their love! Give her a gift she’ll cherish forever and get scribing!

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