The Ultimate Zodiac Signs Compatibility Guide

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When you’re looking for love, one of the most touted traits of successful couples is compatibility. Finding someone who is on the same wavelength as you and you’ll create something that will be long-lasting.

Dating and consulting your zodiac signs compatibility at the same time isn’t for everyone. There are lots of ways people define themselves when it comes to dating. You might say your outgoing or extroverted, or you might say that your religion or spirituality is what makes you who you are. Typically, everyone has an idea of the kind of person they are. What’s tricky with love compatibility is that you may know who you are, but you aren’t sure what personality perfectly meshes with your own.

Which is where zodiac signs compatibility comes in. Zodiac signs, also known as horoscopes, are given to people based on the alignment of the stars when they were born. These signs tell us about who we are as a person in work life, love life and friendships. Some people are very sceptical about the accuracy of horoscopes and others believe them with the utmost devotion.

Regardless of your personal view, there’s no denying that thinking about your zodiac sign compatibility is:

  1. Fun
  2. Interesting
  3. And, if we base our compatibility on our partner’s character traits, and zodiac sign compatibility looks at character traits, it might even be a very unscientific algorithmic way of looking at who we should date!

At EliteSingles we look at the Five Factor Model of character traits to determine compatibility when we’re doing our matchmaking. This is a thoroughly evidence-based approach to love compatibility that has produced many successful relationships over the many years we’ve been in operation.

Let’s look at zodiac signs compatibility and see which signs are most drawn to each other. We’ll also look at the psychology of why these matches might actually work. so you don’t have to consult your astrological chart on every first date!

Aries + Aries

Aries and Aries zodiac sign

Translation: Strong personality + Strong personality = Electricity!

Aries is a fire sign, which means that they typically get on with people who are like them. Active, vibrant, dynamic and competitive, Aries like to be challenged and constantly engaged with their partners. Strong personalities sometimes don’t like having to be the person who carries the conversation in a relationship, so it would make sense that a gregarious person would seek out a similarly energetic partner.

Taurus + Scorpio

Translation: Opposites attract

Taurus is an earth sign and Scorpio is a water sign, making them opposites in the zodiac compatibility chart. However, what is so common in real life and just about every Hollywood romantic-comedy is the old adage that opposites attract. So attraction and intimacy is no problem when people have warring personalities, but you have to build a foundation of trust and communication so character traits don’t clash too much.

Gemini + Leo

Translation: Best friends make exceptional partners

These two signs are both big fans of chilling out, going with the flow and having a good time. Meeting someone you can have fun with and who doesn’t take life too seriously can be amazingly refreshing, especially if you’re coming out of a serious relationship. Mutual respect is very important when people start dating and it’s this that allows both parties to let their hair down and be silly without fear of being made fun of.

Cancer + Pisces

Translation: Love at first sight needs work

According to the zodiac sign compatibility chart, Cancer and Pisces will act as typical water signs do and feel intensely about their partner immediately. It’s this that can be tricky. Most people have felt a strong connection with someone on a first date but it’s important to not to let your passion overrule your head. Like Cancer and Pisces, find the middle ground emotionally and you’ll have the makings of a long relationship.

Leo + Aquarius

Translation: Great partners push each other to greatness

Creative, powerful, unstoppable – these are some of the words that describe the ultimate power couple that is Leo and Aquarius. Some fields definitely hold ambitious people, academics and entrepreneurs spring to mind as examples of professions that need a degree of dedication. When two of these people meet, they push and strive each other to be their best selves and this forms a deeply connected and loving relationship.

Virgo + Capricorn

Translation: Slow and steady wins the race

The quintessential zodiac signs compatibility aspect that produces successful couples is similarity. Virgo and Capricorn are both Earth signs who expect perfection and don’t mind timidity and shyness. Finding a partner that can go at your pace is important at the start of a relationship, as some people like being pushed into action whilst others are happy to go with the flow. Like Virgo and Capricorn, find your own pace and find someone who also enjoys a mellow, methodical approach to life.

Libra + Sagittarius

Translation: Stick to your strengths

Not all traits on the zodiac signs compatibility index are perfect. Libra and Sagittarius have strengths and weaknesses that complement each other, however, from an outside perspective, this can be viewed as clashing. Partnerships of introverts and extroverts don’t necessarily mean that people have to reach a common ground. A couple can form a strong bond when partners realise that they can lean on each other to succeed where they fail.

Scorpio + Virgo

Translation: Talk isn’t cheap when it comes to relationships

Scorpio and Virgo share a deep love of communication, philosophising and intellectual conversation. Problem-solving and finding common ground is easy in this partnership, but both hold different traits when it comes to acting on those conversations. Relationships have to give and take, so sparkling conversation is a fantastic bedrock to build a relationship upon. Just make sure that you’re on the same page when it comes to fulfilling those plans that you’ve made together.

Sagittarius + Libra

Translation: Feel the fear and do it anyway

Emotions can be difficult for some people and be easy for others. Feeling emotions and expressing them are two very different things. Having a good synchronicity with your partner’s emotions is crucial to a successful relationship, which is where Sagittarius and Libra excel. Both are very feeling people and together they like to live without negativity and only look on the bright side of life. Finding someone that shares a sunny disposition is surely a winning combination.

Capricorn + Scorpio

Translation: Trust + dark humour = the ultimate zodiac sign compatibility

From the outside, a Capricorn and Scorpio relationship may look very dour, dark and even depressing to an onlooker. Both are serious signs, practical and typically stubborn to outsiders. Which is why a relationship between these two instils a deep sense of trust. Dating someone who has walls up can be tricky if you’re an untrusting person as well, but as soon as you emotionally connect, watch those walls come tumbling down.

Aquarius + Aries

Translation: Just like Vegemite, some people love it and some people hate it.

Chalk and cheese, oil and water, there are lots of things that don’t work well together. Aquarius and Aries could be referred to as one of those idioms but their zodiac signs compatibility put both horoscopes firmly together. In a relationship where one person has a flair for the dramatic and the other can be a bit subdued, it can seem like an odd couple mix. However, sometimes a touch of opposition is what couples need to balance each other out.

Pisces + Pisces

Translation: I like what I like and I like myself

Only the second identical pairing in our zodiac signs compatibility guide, Pisces might as well fall in love with a mirror. Trusting someone so like you can be tricky, especially for Pisces who like to think of themselves as independent. Once you earn that trust though, it’s with you for life. Romantic love between two strident, passionate people is usually only reserved for fairytales but happens in real life more than you’d think, a Pisces coupling is a great example.

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