Global Study: Aussie blokes are bigger softies than European men

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a global study has discovered that Australian men are bigger softies than their European counterparts.

Over 1 in 2 Australian men want to hear ‘I love you’ daily

In a global study of 4750 single men by online dating company men were asked how often they wanted to hear the words ‘I love you’ when in a relationship. A whopping 54% of Australian men said they wanted to hear it every day, revealing themselves as far softer-hearted creatures than European men.

On average just 1 in 5 European men wanted to hear ‘I love you’ daily; 28% of the Spanish, 25% of the Swedes, 22% of the English, 17% of the Irish, 15% of the Germans and a meager 10% of the Dutch. With 54%, Australian men even well and truly surpassed the French – supposedly Europe’s most romantic men – of whom only 24% desired to hear the daily affirmation!

Valentine’s Day sentiment: Australian men desire handmade gifts

The survey found further supporting evidence that Australian men have hearts of gold; when asked what they wanted for Valentine’s Day, the top choice for Aussie men was ‘something homemade and meaningful’, ahead of clothing, chocolates and wine!

The survey also revealed that 40% of Aussie men think you can say ‘I love you’ as early as one month in to a new relationship!

All too much? Psychologist Salama Marine’s word of warning:

“Saying ‘I love you’ is more efficient than any other phrase to show attachment and commitment. But saying it every day can seem a bit excessive. The heavy meaning of the three words may be lost over time, that’s why it is best to be reasonable and save it for special moments.”

Aussie blokes’ top 5 nicknames

What are Aussie men calling their lovers? The study asked singles to vote on their favorite nicknames.

1. Baby
2. Darling
3. Honey
4. Sweetie/sweetheart
5. Love

*Sourced from anonymous data

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