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Dating in Australia: meet local singles with EliteSingles!

The saying goes that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but how do you find your coral trout amongst a school of regular gropers? It's about looking in the right place! EliteSingles members are tired of flings & short love affairs and share the goal of finding a long-term relationship with a like-minded partner. Most of our members are aged between 30-55 and are educated, ambitious and dynamic singles committed to the search for someone truly compatible. Register today to meet your special someone!
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EliteSingles Australia

For a country of such epic proportions, Australia is an incredibly under-populated country. Of course, what we lack in numbers we make up for in bustling multicultural cities, sparkling weather and well-spirited characters.  But it’s not all easy going here in the lucky country; the majority of us have failed to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and it's no wonder that singles are increasingly looking online in search for a partner.

Compatibility is king

Genuine compatibility is not just about pairing individuals with similar hobbies or interests. A fondness for horses, for example, is probably not enough to bring a couple through the ups and downs of life. Rather, at EliteSingles we believe that couples are compatible when one’s strengths compliment the other’s weaknesses, when shared values bring mutual understanding and when similar dating intentions create the foundation for a committed and lasting relationship. 

In order to introduce our members to local singles who are truly compatible we use a two-part Smart Profiling System to assess each and every new user. The first part of the assessment relies on our personality test, which is based on psychology’s construct of ‘The Big Five’ personality traits; extraversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. The second part of the assessment asks users to indicate their personal partner preferences on factors such as age, build, distance, smoking and drinking habits, religion and more. The thorough assessment process gives us valuable insight into the characteristics, values, and attributes of each of our members, which allows us to weed out the less-compatible matches and instead focus on providing quality introductions.

Taking online communication offline

As compatible as a pair may look on paper, it’s that magical, often elusive ingredient –chemistry –that ultimately determines if an online match works as an offline couple. The first date is, of course, the vital step in the dating process. But it’s nothing to fear; a recent survey of EliteSingles members found that first dates are better with EliteSingles, revealing the efficacy of our matchmaking process.

Local singles

You'd be surprised at just how many compatible singles are nearby. So if you are serious about your search for a partner, join the thousands of Australian singles who are actively looking for that special someone. It's time to meet local singles - register today with EliteSingles.


Sam Owen psychologist
Read expert advice

We are truly invested in supporting you search for a partner, which is why we’ve set up a comprehensive dating guide called the EliteMagazine. Together with our partner Psychologist, Sam Owen, we aim to provide insightful, practical advice on how to acheive your dating goals. We address topics from across the dating spectrum; from how to overcome rejection after a break-up, to the best ways to approach dating as a single parent, to how to interpret a partner's body language. New content is added weekly, so click here to search our catalog for topics that interest you. 

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How to maximise your dating profile

Successful online dating relies on your dating profile giving a memorable first impression. If users quickly identify something attractive or appealing in your profile, prospects are good for future contact. An unexciting profile that fails to instantly impress, however, will be swiftly overlooked and forgotten. So self-describe with passion. The open text fields in your dating profile are the best opportunity to introduce yourself -be interesting, distinguish yourself, and express your personality as much as you can. Avoid general statements and boldly define the type of relationship you want. 

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Your first date

When you receive an EliteSingles match you can be sure that your personalities seem to look good on paper; that you have compatible traits or similar interests and hobbies. But whether sparks fly between you is something you can only find out by meeting in person. On your first date make an effort to look nice and be polite, but don’t try too hard to impress – it's important that the person gets a feeling for the authentic you. Most people can sense when someone is trying to be someone that they are not, so be comfortable with who you are and trust that the right person will recognise what you bring to a relationship.