The 100 best love songs: a playlist to fall in love to

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Discover the top 100 best love songs of from the stars of rock, pop, indie, RnB with a few crooners thrown in!

If music be the food of love, play on! – Twelfth Night, Act I, Scene I

As Shakespeare so aptly put it, music and romance go hand in hand. We pick first dances at weddings; couples have ‘our’ song; teenagers who are too shy to say it out loud declare their love via mix-tape (or, more likely these days, an online playlist).

The 100 best love songs: choosing the greatest

But is there a definitive list of the best love songs ever? No – and there can never be – because music is so subjective. But can we try? You betcha.

We’ve compiled a Spotify® list that showcases 100 of the best love songs of all time. From sexy soul to perky pop, there’s something here for everyone – click through the slideshow to see our countdown and to find out more about what makes each track just so great. Think of it as our mix-tape for you.

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Did we mention some of your favourite love songs on our list? Did we leave out the songs you consider the greatest? Too much pop, not enough rock (or vice versa)? Let us know! Post a comment below, post your favourite song or video on Facebook or email us at [email protected]

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