Fundamental dating advice: how to avoid disaster

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We’re all well schooled in what’s likely to derail a first date; reminiscing over the ex, flatulence and utter inebriation are pretty blatant things to avoid. But what other acerbic acts are there? EliteSingles most recent global survey of over 3500 users, which also featured 300 Aussie singles, has turned up a few lesser known clangers that might be wrecking your romance. Follow this dating advice carefully!

Relaxed is better

If you’re convinced that à la carte is the best way to win your date’s heart, it might be worth having a rethink. A convincing 65% of Australians voted in favour of a laidback rendezvous over coffee or a couple of drinks. Contrary to suave stereotypes of debonair dining, only 16% of Brits had an appetite for elegance.

Scrub up!

Let’s be honest, there’s no excuse for bad body odour nowadays. And no, the seductive allure of your pheromones doesn’t condone funky armpits! Over 60% of Aussies confirmed BO and bad breath as major turn offs. So bring on the suds and get flossing! Interestingly, American singles weren’t as concerned about their partner’s pong; nearly half of those surveyed said overdoing it on the vino is a far more reproachable offence!

‘I’m with stupid’

Picking the right threads for a first-date is an age-old toughie; be it booted and suited or a bit of smart casual, it’s a tricky one to gauge. Nevertheless, one garment that’s a catastrophe waiting to happen is the abhorred slogan t-shirt. With 65% of Aussies agreeing, think twice before you don the ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ top! Ironically, singles on the Emerald Isle found tracksuit pants almost equally as grotty

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Be honest with your potential partner

One of the strongest responses from survey participants was from our question ‘If your date lied about information on their dating profile, what would be the biggest issue to make you turn down a second date?’ The winner in this category? Smoking. Lying about whether you smoked would make 70% of our participants turn off immediately and guarantee that you’re getting no second date.

In fact, smoking can be a big barrier of entry in the dating world. Of EliteSingles users who are specifically searching for a non-smoking partner, 72% would class their partners smoking habits as ‘very important’ and would consider it a deal breaker in pursuing a relationship.* So, bad luck smokers, only 1 in 5 members said they would date someone who said they were a smoker, but if you do smoke then be honest with it online and in person.

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Smartphone sabotage

Although Smartphones are an integral component of the modern day-to-day (and a great way to meet people online), don’t let yours corrupt your love life. 40% of Australians included in the study reported that obsessive texting was their top deal-breaker. One in five Aussie blokes would also decline a second date if their match was a keen selfie snapper!

Anti-social media

Facebook is a great tool to keep up with what’s going on. It’s also a sure fire way to put someone off you. One in seven Australians confessed that they’d be reluctant to stay in touch with a person who added them on Facebook straight after a date. Over 20% of UK singles had antipathy towards the social media site, good old British reserve perhaps!

A kiss to forget?

Amazingly, only 5% of Australians would condemn a date for being a bad kisser. What’s more, 4% of Brits and 3% of Canadians agreed. The least fussy nation was by far New Zealand, with just over 2% of Kiwi singles saying sloppy snogging was a no-no. Also, forget the etiquette; less than 1% of Australian singles think not tipping after a meal is a red flag.

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An extra bit of dating advice: how to get out of a bad date

Do deal-breakers matter? Considering that 73% of Aussies surveyed would be prepared to end a date early over a deal-breaker (and that 21% have already done so), the answer is most likely yes.

So, what’s the most common way to bin a bad date? Unlike what you see in the movies, it’s not via a faked emergency or bogus illness. Instead, 74% of Australian’s would prefer telling the truth to their date – no matter how harsh that truth might be.

EliteSingles resident psychologist, Salama Marine, has a slice of dating advice for anyone needing to leave a date early:

“Rejection hurts. No matter how kindly or carefully it’s done; it will always hurt. Ending a date with someone prematurely, or pointing out their physical and social flaws, is damaging to their ego. What’s more, it can also harm their self esteem and result in feelings of insecurity and low confidence. In this study, the majority of people admitted that they would tell the truth about why they wanted to leave a date early, instead of making up an excuse. This is fair enough; you shouldn’t have to stay on an awkward date for hours with a stranger if you don’t want to. But it is important to choose your words carefully; you need to show your date that you do respect them and consider them an equal, despite not feeling romantically attracted to them. There’s no need to be unnecessarily hurtful or mean; you simply need to explain that you cannot picture yourself with them romantically and that you feel your personalities aren’t matched.”


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*Data from 380,000 active EliteSingles users

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