9 Easy Weeknight Date Ideas That Will Leave You Refreshed

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While finding a compatible match is the first step to organising a date, deciding when and what to do can present some difficulties of its own – especially for busy professionals. While logically a weeknight date makes sense, for those who work fulltime the mere idea of a lengthy weeknight dinner can seem exhausting. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of other ideas! Searching for simple weeknight date ideas with a little pizzazz? Whether it’s a first date or beyond, these date ideas are perfect for filling a weeknight – and won’t leave you exhausted for work the next day.

Weeknight date ideas outdoors

1. Plan a picnic at the park or beach

Living in Australia we have an abundance of natural beauty right at our doorstep and it seems a shame not to enjoy it whenever possible. Heading to a park or beach for an after-work date is easy to organise and sets a relaxed tone – perfect for soothing first date jitters.

Food-wise you can go as simple or elaborate as you like. For those close to a beach why not pick up some delicious local takeaways – fish and chips are the eternal classic. Or if you want something a bit more impressive, Thai and Vietnamese are usually winners. Those who prefer a homemade approach could whip up a quick charcuterie platter with help from your local supermarket. And wine connoisseurs should seize the opportunity to show off their knowledge with a good wine pairing – even if it is served in plastic cups!

2. Take a sunset stroll

With many of us sitting all day and working long hours it can be hard to find time to move our bodies beyond the walk to the car. Rather than a sedentary date to the movie theatre, try nature’s cinema and take in the sunset with an evening walk instead.

With the Bondi to Coogee walk for Sydneysiders, Catani gardens and St Kilda pier for Melburnians and Kings Park for Perth dwellers, there’s no shortage of places for energising after-work walks with a date. And besides, by the time you’ve stretched your legs a little, it’ll be the ideal time for an ice cream – or something a bit stronger!

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3. Go to a weeknight sports game

If you and your match are sports enthusiasts (or even if you simply enjoy the excitement of a buzzing crowd), why not grab tickets to a weeknight sports game. Attending a sports event is exciting and the gameplay means you’ll always have a topic of conversation between you and your date.

Weeknight tickets are often cheaper than those for weekend events, meaning you can reinvest that saved money into stadium food and drinks. Not to mention you’ll also be supporting local sports clubs at the same time, a win-win.

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Weeknight date ideas out and about

4. Try a new bar

We Aussies famously enjoy a tipple, and with booming wine and craft beer industries, it seems a shame not to indulge every now and then. Splitting a bottle of wine and snack from a bar menu is a great date idea on a weeknight, not to mention the perfect way to unwind after a busy day at work.

There’s no shortage of good bars in any Australian city, so mix it up by trying a bar that‘s new to you both. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular brewery or expanding your wine knowledge, head to a local spot where the bartender will be able to impart their knowledge or recommend a tasting tray.

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5. Go out for dessert

Worried that going out for a weeknight meal will mean turning in at midnight? A dessert date is the perfect in-between. Aside from being a great choice for those harbouring a sweet tooth, a dessert date still has the intimacy and romance of a dinner date without stretching quite so long. Dessert lovers on the Gold Coast can sink their teeth into treats at dessert and cocktail bar, Cowch. Meanwhile, Sydney sugar fiends should head to Kurtosh for a chance to indulge in a heavenly Hungarian chimney cake.

6. Go to a comedy night

There’s nothing quite like someone making you laugh and while that would ideally be your match, there’s no reason you can’t double down on the chuckles with a weeknight comedy show. Comedy can be a subjective thing, but if you and your date both love to laugh then support the local talent and head to your nearest comedy hot spot. Melbourne comedy buffs have no shortage of venues to choose from, including The Comic’s Lounge which has events six nights a week. Meanwhile, Brisbane residents can head to the Paddo Tavern for a number of comedy gigs from the Sit Down Comedy Club.

7. Putt-er around at mini golf

Taking the time to unwind after a day at work is important to remember even amongst the busy-ness of the working week. A fun activity can rejuvenate and relax you – the perfect state for a date! One simple weeknight date idea is playing a round of miniature golf. Making your way around the course will give you both plenty of time for conversation and the game itself can be as casual or competitive as you like. With courses all across the country, Holey Moley is the perfect date night destination for all Australians – plus the Caddyshack is ideal for a post-game drink

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Weeknight date ideas at home

8. Plan a mini TV marathon

If you’re searching for simple weeknight date ideas, you can’t get much more chilled than a night in watching television. While a movie marathon is too much of a time commitment for a weekday, a few episodes of a TV show is a great compromise. You and your date could each choose a series to dip into, or if you’ve both been meaning to check out something new, take the chance. And no television marathon night is complete without making sure you’ve both got more than enough snacks to carry you through. Go casual with some popcorn, or take it to the next level with a cheese platter – it’s up to you!

9. Plan and cook a meal

There’s something incredibly romantic about having delicious food prepared for you, so if you’re looking for an intimate (yet practical) worknight date idea, why not make a homemade dinner. With the freedom for it to be a collaborative effort, or simply an excuse for one party to show off their culinary capabilities, a homecooked meal gives plenty of date night flexibility.

For new couples, cooking at home is a fantastic way to get to know each other’s likes or dislikes. Not to mention that in an environment more relaxing than a restaurant the conversation is unlikely to lull – especially with wine flowing and pre-dinner snacks on offer.

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