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Dating in your 30s: Find Love With EliteSingles

As an online dating service tailored to singles aged 30 and over, EliteSingles knows exactly how to help those looking to find a serious relationship. We understand that dating in your 30s throws up its own unique challenges. That’s why we take this all into account when matching those who are single and enjoying their 30s. It’s time to find out how you can find love with us today.
couple in their 30s

The Hardships of Dating in Your 30s in Australia

As many 30+ Australian singles will know, it can be tough to pass the stage in your twenties when your group of friends have paired off and are starting to settle down, get married and have children. Dating in your 30s can be a lonely experience with fewer members of your social group still single and able to mingle with you. Additionally, it becomes harder to meet high-quality matches who share your values and interests as the pool of potential partners seems to shrink. Furthermore, it can become more difficult to know where to meet fellow singles.

However, the dating game isn’t just harder for those in their 30s because of outside factors, there’s also the difficulty of trying to maintain the right work-life balance. This makes it harder to find time to meet the right people. Thankfully there’s a better way for professional Aussies over 30 to find serious connections: online.

Online Dating in Your 30s – A Recipe For Success

Today 1 in 3 marriages begin online and as many as two-thirds of people surveyed think online dating is a good way to meet a prospective partner. Online dating has become an accepted social norm, and EliteSingles has created a platform which does the hard work for you. This is perfect for those who are career-minded and find it hard to set aside time to meet new people. Using our unique matchmaking process, we select suitable matches for you and so you can sit back and enjoy getting ready for your first date.

30 and Single: Finding Your Partner with EliteSingles

EliteSingles understands the ups and downs of dating in your 30s, as well as the importance of finding suitable matches when you’re 30 and single. Our intelligent matchmaking system, which works with the data from your comprehensive personality profile, your demographic details, and your partner preferences sends you 3-7 high-quality matches per day. We suggest profiles that we feel best compliment your lifestyle, preferences, and personality, therefore giving your relationship a much higher chance to succeed.

EliteSingles’ members are serious about meeting their partner. 82% of our members are educated to bachelor degree level, and each profile registered on our site is verified, ensuring that 100% of our members are genuinely looking for love. This means you can be sure that our members are a group of intelligent, committed individuals, all looking for their other half, just like you.

Having streamlined online dating, EliteSingles not only sends you profiles but also offers you an additional ‘Have you met...’ feature if you want to search out more profiles. And if you ever need some help, our customer care team is always on hand to assist.

As well as catering to those dating in their 30s, we’re also inclusive of all needs and communities. From professional dating to Greek dating and gay dating to lesbian dating, our extensive membership base offers all types of profiles to cater for your specific requirements in a partner.

Dating in Your 30’s - 4 Expert Dating Tips

Dating in your 30s can feel like a tricky endeavour - it’s not the same as dating in your 20s, but nor is it anything like dating in your 40s or 50s. To make your search a little bit easier we’ve put together a few tips that will hopefully make your search for love as fruitful as possible.

1. Be clear about what you want

In your 30s you become surer of what you want, and it becomes even more important to be clear about what you want from a future relationship. If you want kids, be upfront about it. If you’re willing to move to be with a potential partner, bear that in mind when you set your parameters for finding matches, by being aware of what you want out of a relationship before you start searching things will be easier from the beginning, which can only be a good thing for a busy professional!

2. Be honest with yourself and to others

If you meet up with a match after chatting online and find you’re both vibing - that’s great news! On the other hand, if you find things stalling once you get to the meeting stage, don’t be afraid to walk away. If you know a relationship won’t go any further, don’t draw it out, find a kind way to tell your match that you’re not feeling it and move on - you’re not helping either of you by drawing things out.

3. Keep an open mind

While it’s important to be honest about what you want, it’s also crucial to be open to other options. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on a match who might be a little older than expected, who has kids, or has had a divorce. Remember, your mind is like a parachute - it works better when it’s open! By keeping an open mindset, you might discover a connection you otherwise would’ve dismissed.

4. Have fun!

It can feel like dating in your 30s is all serious business, with people seemingly racing to find a partner, settle down and have a family. But despite the importance of finding the right partner to compliment you and share a life with, remember to have fun along the way. Have a laugh with your match, say yes to unusual date ideas and above all – relax and enjoy yourself! After all, your match will only get to know the real you after you let your guard down.

Further relationship advice:

couple in their 30s
Dating on the go

As a busy professional it can be hard to set aside the time to respond to your matches. However, the convenient EliteSingles app allows you to check your matches, send messages and change your profile on the go. What’s more, with EliteSingles already sending you 3-7 matches every day, there’s no need for time-consuming swiping and searching - the ideal solution for time-poor career-minded people looking for relationships.

couple in their 30s
Think outside the box

Working long hours and finding it hard to imagine where dating would fit in? You might just need to get creative with your date ideas instead. Rather than going for dinner, suggest grabbing breakfast instead. It’ll be a great start to the day and removes the inherent pressure of evening dates. Alternatively, if you go to the gym, perhaps your match would be interested in joining you - just make sure they’re a fellow fitness fanatic first.

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Rediscover your community

While dating is all about finding that special someone, it can also be a great way to find brand new local hot spots. Because our members are spread out across Australia, we keep up to speed on the best places for dates, no matter where you’re located. If you’re planning a date and unsure about where you should go, don’t hesitate to check out our local dating hub page. Who knows, you might discover somewhere you'll visit together for years to come.