“Is he into me?” The top 5 signs to look for

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Are you stuck in a relationship wondering ‘is he into me’? There’s no need to ponder it anymore; EliteSingles’ Partner Psychologist Sam Owen outlines the 5 ways to know whether he really sees a future between you.

So, is he in it for keeps? These are the five traits that show you don’t have to stay awake at night wondering ‘is he into me?!’

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1. His plans include you

In the early days of a relationship, most people try and strike a balance. As well as date nights, some evenings are for friends, some for family or for spending alone time. It’s all about compartmentalising. But, there’s an indefinable moment when the boundaries of a life start to blur. If your man is inviting you to hang out with his friends and meet his family, or if he checks what you’re up to before making weekend plans, then he is definitely keen. Sam Owen says that, if a man is upfront about making plans that include you, then ‘’this is a sign [he’s] more into your partnership than single life and often means [he’s] really into you.

2. You’ve become each others’ plus ones

Owen also points out another great indicator that he is ready to commit: he includes you in special events (and he comes to yours). She says ‘’If you’re included in occasions like family weddings or funerals [it shows] they’re ready to announce to the world that you’re a team. This is something we tend to reserve for those who we see a long-term commitment with.’’ This may be especially true when it comes to weddings where you are included name by on the invitation: it’s a great indictor that his friends also see you two as a united front!

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3. He lets you into his life

Still asking yourself ‘is he into me?’ Then look at how much your man lets you into his life. Owen believes that openness is a big sign that someone is ready for a lasting, committed relationship, saying that ‘’if they offer you things like a key to their house…you know they’re getting serious!’’ Indeed, if he welcomes you into his life and his home then it’s a good sign that he has no-one but you in his dating life, that he wants you around and that his plans for the future include you.

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4. He listens to you – really listens

Another way to tell that you are involved in something special is that you start to notice that your bloke’s been listening to you – and remembering what you say! Owen’s advice says that ‘’if you tell your partner about your desires and dislikes and they often take note and act upon them, they are showing you that they care.’’ Whether it’s a big present on your birthday or simply remembering that you prefer chocolate ice-cream to vanilla, if he is noticing your preferences, it means you’re on his mind.

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5. He’s by your side for both the good AND bad

When the road is smooth, it’s easy for someone to go along for the ride. It’s not so easy when you hit bumps and the going gets difficult. That’s why the one who stays, no matter what the terrain, is one who really cares. Owen mentions that, if the man you’re dating is ‘’really present when it comes to low points…they see and want a long-term relationship with you.’’ If he sticks by your side when you need him and if he lets you be there for him, then there should be no need to ask ‘is he into me?’ Because he does.

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