How to improve your love life – 5 tips to get you started.

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It’s all well and good to wish and hope and pray that someone amazing will fall in your lap, but unless there’s a pretty pen of compatible partners living above you and a human-sized hole in the ceiling it’s likely not to happen.

So it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and start making changes to improve your love life – here are 5 tips to get you started.

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The 5 ways to improve your love life:

1. Keep your eyes on the prize.

If you want to improve your love life you have to clear out a nice empty space for where that special person could potentially move into. We’re not talking space in your apartment – we’re talking about those metaphysical things; time, love and energy. So if you’re putting any of these three into someone who is just short-term or occasional-fling material, STOP – you’re not getting any closer to your goal of finding a serious long term partner. In fact, all you’re really doing is feeding your desire for companionship with empty kisses and consolation-prize-cuddles, and robbing yourself of potential encounters with Mr. or Mrs. Right.

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2. Go to events on your own.

People that go to events on their own appear sad, anti-social and undesirable, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. As counterintuitive as it may be, singles that venture out on their own tend to exude self-confidence and a sense of being comfortable in their own skin; the golden tickets to dating glory! So if you really want to improve your love life take a deep breath and buy that ticket-for-one – attending an event on your own will not only give you an air of confidence but it will also make you far more approachable than if you were to be chaperoned by a friend or four.

3. Be a “Yes Man” (or woman).

The saying goes that “nothing changes if nothing changes”. And while it does an awfully good job of highlighting the bleeding obvious, it does an equally good job of presenting a very simple truth: you need to change your habits and routines if you want to get into contact with new people. By saying “yes” to invites and offers, you will find yourself in a myriad of new social situations.

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4. Forget the past.

So you’ve been dumped three times in a row. Or you’ve been cheated on. Or you’ve done the cheating. It’s time to start afresh. Clean those skeletons from the closet of your mind – those old bones will do nothing but keep you down and project poor self-esteem on prospective partners. Don’t ever go into a first date thinking that it’s doomed to fail, that you’re intrinsically unlovable, or that any new relationship will turn out like a previous one. Instead, let bygones be bygones and go in with optimism and an open mind – you never know when your luck may change.

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5. Improve life in general.

Who cares if it’s not the first of January, it’s time to make some “New You” Resolutions. So forget about your love life for a moment and ask yourself; what could be improved with life in general? Is it time to quit smoking? To stop watching TV? To quit a job you hate? To get fit? To start flossing? To go travelling? Pressing the refresh button on life will make you a happier, stronger, more attractive person – and your love life is bound to improve.

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