Where to Meet Single Women Offline

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It’s 2018, we haven’t gotten jetpacks, there are no flying cars and you’re unable to reserve a two-bedroom duplex on the moon. What has come with modern life is the advent of mobile phones that are constantly vying for your attention with emails, videos and social media.

What does this have to do with where to meet single women offline? Well, this article wouldn’t even exist if mobile phones weren’t such a dominant part of our everyday lives. It’s no longer possible to meet single women randomly. Strangers at a train station, bar, club, supermarket or waiting room would have no problem making idle chit-chat if they were on their own. Nowadays striking up a conversation with a woman alone can come across as forward or creepy – the public space bubble has become bigger and gotten rid of small talk.

So, is all lost when it comes to meeting single women offline? No, it just requires a touch of finesse and planning. Check out some of our expert recommendations on where you can meet single women offline in 2018.

Get Educated and Get a Date

Nothing says sexy like an educated partner. Which is why local classes are an excellent way to socialise and meet single women offline. Perhaps you’re a history buff looking for your Cleopatra or you’re interested in learning French, the language of love? Whatever you think will broaden your horizons is one of the best places to meet women. Meet someone who has similar interests to you and learn at the same time, perfect.

Feel the Burn and the Butterflies

Where to meet single women offline? Walk outside and they’re everywhere, but where can you have a conversation with an available woman without coming across as forward? Physical exercise can be a dream or a nightmare for some. Whether you’re a natural athlete or feel a bit vulnerable doing sports publically it doesn’t matter because luckily women find both of these attributes attractive in a potential partner. So join a local boot camp or find a sports club locator like Just Play and get chatting on a mixed team. After some physical exertion it’s a perfect opener to suggest some dinner or a drink afterwards and, hey, you’ve burned some calories too!

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Culturally Convient

There’s something effortlessly romantic about museums and galleries but they aren’t great for chatting in unless you want to be relentlessly shushed by a volunteer. However, they are something a lot of people feel comfortable doing alone. Where to meet single women offline? Try your local art gallery or a museum exhibition, if you see a woman alone pondering a beautiful landscape, why not ponder with her and ask if she’s been to the exhibit upstairs? Perhaps you accidentally bought two tickets? There are plenty of potential openers that even the shyest person wouldn’t have trouble with.

Step Outside your Comfort Zone

A great way to meet single women near you is to look at local volunteering opportunities. Giving back is truly rewarding and is an excellent way to meet new people and, of course, meet single women that you wouldn’t usually meet. Meeting a potential partner while volunteering gives them an idea of who you are immediately – thoughtful, generous, and kind. Great attributes to have when you ask them out on that all important first date!

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Get Cute

There’s one simple rule to meeting single women offline – if you’ve got a dog, you’re cheating. Having a cute four-legged friend has got to be the easiest opener in the history of pick up lines. If you don’t have one, then borrow a friend’s cuddly critter and get yourself down to a local dog park. Walking a dog is usually a solo activity that can be a bit lonesome as it’s more a necessity than a fun activity once you’ve had a dog for a while. Keep a lookout for solo ladies and their dogs and strike up a conversation – everybody loves talking about their dogs, so you have an easy starting line!

Get Online

Okay, we know you’re looking up at the title ‘where to meet single women offline’ but hear us out. All of these activities above require time and effort, some luxuries than not everybody can afford especially if you’re a busy professional. EliteSingles is one of Australia’s best dating websites for educated professionals looking to make a long-lasting connection with a partner. Instead of going on lots of first dates where you find out you have different values or interests, stop wasting time and sign up to a website that will only match you with compatible, available single women.

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