Sport: A real boost for the ego and libido!

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With THE major sporting event of summer 2016 fast approaching, EliteSingles ran a study of the effects of sport on 32,400 Aussie singles. Not only did the survey bolster the belief that sport boosts a persons libido and ego, it also found that even just watching sports can enhance self confidence. A concurrent study uncoverd Australia’s sexiest athletes.

Our method and the findings

As aforementioned, the study involved a very lage sample of Australian EliteSingles members. Upon registering on our platform, singles must complete an extensive personality test. Comprised of over 200 questions, our members are asked to assess on a Likert scale of 1 to 7 (7 being the highest) their interest in the activity mentioned.

For our sporty survey, we collected and analysed the responses of the personality questionnaire by comparing the specific questions. To garner our results, we contrasted respondents scores for questions such as “Regularly excerise to stay healthy” and “Watch TV” with other variables that gauged a persons appetite for sex, how important attractiveness is in a partner is and how confident they feel. Those with a score of 4 and above had a higher desire, those with 3 and below had a lower interest. The findings of the study are as follows:

Exercise boosts Australian singles’ libidos and increases desire for an attractive partner.
• Being an avid TV spectator improves self-esteem and confidence.
• A second EliteSingles study also revealed Australia’s hottest sporting champions, past and present.

Playing sports ramps up your libido and your desire for a physically attractive partner!

People who frequently exercise have a much higher sexual appetite than those who don’t! A massive 80% of singles who play sport regularly claim to have ‘a strong desire for sex’ compared to just 57% who don’t exercise. Additionally, the more people are exercising, the more physical attraction matters in their search for a spouse. In fact, 74% of sporty singles admit physical appearance is an important quality in a partner, while only 46% of less active singles deem it significant.

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Watching sport on TV is enough to feel sexy

It appears that therather less sweaty pursuit of watching sport on TV has a positive impact on the mind, particularly self-confidence! For singles who watch sport regularly, a huge 87% consider themselves ‘confident’ and 66% would call themselves ‘sexy’. Evidently, exercising and following sporting events appear to be the winning combination to ensure a fun summer between the sheets!

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Michelle Jenneke and Riley Fitzsimmons: Winning gold for most attractive athletes

In a concurrent EliteSingles’ study, Michelle Jenneke (Hurdles – 30%) and Riley Fitzsimmons (Sailing -37%) start the summer with an early victory by winning gold as Australia’s most attractive athletes. In 2nd and 3rd spot for the men are Ed Jenkins (Rugby 7s – 24%) and James Magnussen (Swimming – 16%). For women, silver and bronze were snapped up by Caroline Buchannan (BMX – 28%) and Nicola Zagame (Water Polo – 16%) respectively.

When looking at sporting heroes of the past, Eamon Sullivan (Swimming – 70%) takes pole position, with Lleyton Hewitt (Tennis – 19%) and Ian Thorpe (Swimming – 11%) following suit. Stephanie Rice (Swimming – 54%) clinched top spot for the ladies, Melanie Adams (Pole Vault – 33%) and Tatiana Grigorieva (Pole Vault – 13%) made it into the top three too.

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What is the sexiest sport?

The Australian singles we surveyed also named the sports they found the most and the least attractive:

Top – the sexiest sports

1. Swimming (13%)
2. Tennis (10%)
3. Beach Volleyball (8%)

Flop – the least sexy sports

1. Golf (11%)
2. Rugby (8%)
3. Boxing (7%)

Swimming is certainly a popular favourite amongst survey respondents – perhaps it’s distinct lack of clothing that makes this sport so appealing to watch! Plus fours and pugilism obviously don’t have the same aphrodisiac effect!

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